Top 10 Vegan Dishes and Recipes

Veganism is wildly popular at the moment, amongst 30-49 year olds in the United States 4% of those people are vegan. Keeping up with the trend, here are the top ten most viewed vegan recipe videos on Youtube.

10. One Pot Vegan Dinners

At least in America, we’re all about convenience. One pot meals, along with Youtube are very popular! In this video you will learn how to make some popular vegan dishes such as; Southwestern Quinoa, Butternut Squash Pilaf, Curry Noodle Soup, Lasagna Soup, and Mushroom Stroganoff.

9. Vegan Steak Recipe

Vegan steak?! In my life, steak would be the hardest thing to give up. For those who have no been life-long vegans sometimes the switch can be really hard. You may miss and crave those tastes you once had. This recipe shows you how to mimic not only the taste but also the texture. Having almost 500,000 views and 23,000 upvotes, this video is sure to please your carnivorous cravings.

8. Good Vegan Meals in Under 15 Minutes

Once again, convenience is key. This simple vegan recipe video shows you how to make simple crab-less crab cakes with a mixed salad, a rice salad, and vegan tacos! The tacos seem to be such a hit that people in the comments are praising them! They look delicious!

7. My Go-To Easy Vegan Meals – 5 Lazy & Cheap Recipes

This vlogger shows you how to make recipes traditionally made with ingredients such as milk, with vegan alternatives. Learn how to make Strawberry Banana Oats, Pesto Pasta, Miso Soup, Fried Rice, and Thai Green Curry.  “I’ve always delayed becoming vegan because I thought it was hard but your recipes really taught me that it’s not that hard! Thank you for motivating me.” said one commenter.

6. What I Ate On the Go (Vegan Meal Prep Ideas)

This video is focuses on meal prep, meal prep is essential for those busy days. Especially as a vegan, there’s often limited options. This vegan Youtuber guides you through how she preps her meals and finds time to eat them throughout the day. This is a fabulous option for those who are interested in meal prep as well.

5. Three Incredible Vegan Burger Recipes

There seems to be a trend of vegan recipes that mimic meat. This is understandable, as stated above – if you’re not a lifelong vegan it can be difficult to make the switch. Allow recipes like this to make it a little easier on yourself!

4. How to Eat Vegan on a Budget

Another Tasty video, this video shows you low cost meals that are also quick and look delicious. This video will show you how to make four different recipes, Mushroom Lentil Burger and Fries, Sesame Peanut Noodles, Buffalo Chickpea Wrap and a Sofritas Burrito Bowl, just like at Chipotle!

3. Five Delicious Vegan Recipes

Another faux meat video, this Tasty video shows you how to make five more vegan recipes that might be a little more costly or time consuming. This video details the recipes for a sweet potato chic pea burger, vegan ramen, sheet pan pancakes, lasagna soup (the same as the video above) and tofu nuggets.

2. Cheese Paratha

This delicious looking recipe has over 8 million views, this video will give you a chance to try something you may not have tried before. One of the wonderful things about Youtube is it’s worldwide audience. This allows you to learn from various other cultures from the comfort of your home.

1. How to Make a Vegan Curry

Curry is a staple dish all over the world, this ten minute video has over 11 million views 415,000 upvotes. It’s no wonder this dish is the most viewed video!

What recipes do you love? Leave us a comment below.

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