Most Viewed Recipe Videos on Youtube

We all have those days where we’re full of ambition – “I’m going to make myself and my family an amazing meal!” or “I’m not going to order my daughters next birthday cake, I’m going to make it myself!”

Many of us then find ourselves stuck, “what am I going to make? How do I make it?” you may ask yourself. Look no further, here are the most viewed videos on Youtube for each meal…


Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, there’s such a wide variety of choices here we have two options

Quick, Easy, & Healthy

Many of us find ourselves skipping breakfast because we wanted a few more minutes to sleep, breakfast doesn’t have to be a gourmet 4-course meal. The highest rated video for a quick, easy, and healthy recipe is an Indian recipe for a “Healthy Breakfast with Wheat Flour.”

Indulgent & Requires Time

Maybe it’s Saturday morning and you want to treat your family or maybe it’s a breakfast for dinner kind of night, whatever it is, check out this most-viewed video for a traditional full American breakfast.


Lunch is especially important if you’re not a breakfast eater, lunch is your chance to recharge once more. This top viewed lunch video was brought to us by popular British chef, Gordon Ramsey. Sure, it’s for school lunches but if you’re no longer in school, no one will tell!


Dinner and lunch calories are interchangeable, according to Women’s Health Mag.  If you opt for the smaller lunch, you should be sure to make up for lost calories with dinner.

Quick, Easy, Healthy

If you opted to indulge at lunch, here’s four quick, healthy, easy salads. In this video you have four options to choose from:

  1. Chicken, Tomato, Cucumber, and Avocado Salad
  2. Hardboiled Egg and Avocado Bowl
  3. Quinoa Salad
  4. Chicken and Tuna Salad

Indulgent & Requires Time

If you have a little more time on your hands for prep or maybe need to make up some of those lunch calories, this video for dinner details seven different ways to work with chicken. With almost 13 million views, it’s sure to delight.


Dessert, delicious and fun. The perfect way to end a great night with friends or family, this video with a whopping 89 million views can help you narrow down your choices of what to make. As long as you’re a fan of unicorns, that is!

What are your favorite recipes? Let us know in the comments below.