A Keto Recipe for Every Meal of the Day!

Getting used to the Keto diet can be really hard, for many, it involves cutting out serious staples in their everyday diet. Some of these things include sweets, fruits, many vegetables, legumes, and most grains! If you’re struggling to come up with an idea for a meal, why not pick one of these? Here’s some ideas to spice up your Keto routine!


Holy cow! Look at all of that icing. Who said Keto couldn’t be fun? If you’re looking for an indulgent breakfast, this keto Cinnamon Roll is a fantastic option. An advantage they have over the traditional cinnamon rolls is the speed! This recipe is much easier, simply mix batter and pour.

If you’re looking for something a little heartier and less sweet, this is for you. This is something you’ve most likely eaten before and didn’t even know it was ketogenic! It’s simply just eggs, cheese and breakfast meats. A classic breakfast.


Luckily, we live in a world where pasta is easily replaceable, thus making going on a diet such as this much easier. Enjoy this alternative to a classic leftovers favorite, spaghetti with meat sauce. The fun thing about Keto is that many things that are traditionally a “no go” in other diets, like red meat, are encouraged.


A favorite of the authors, these peanut butter cookies are incredibly easy to make! Three ingredients you probably already have – sugar alternative, natural peanut butter and an egg! These always come out very moist and are a delicious option if you’re a cookie lover!


Check out this King Ranch Chicken recipe! This takes familiar flavors, such as salsa and red bell peppers, and makes them into a casserole type dish with chicken! This seems like a fabulous option for those who are maybe bringing a dish to a potluck or family event!


Hop on the lemon trend with this Lemon Pie recipe. As great as a store bought pie crust is, this video shows you how to make a keto crust too! You may have some trouble trying to find a premade keto crust. This refreshing pie is perfect for the summer months.

What are some of your favorite keto recipes? Let us know in the comments below!